1. Spare Parts Division – responsible for sourcing and distributing spare parts for all types of vehicles, ensuring that they are of high quality and from reputable manufacturers and suppliers.
  2. Tyres Division – responsible for providing a wide range of tyres from leading brands suitable for all types of vehicles and driving conditions.
  3. Lubricants Division – responsible for providing specially formulated lubricants that provide maximum protection and performance for engines and other critical components.
  4. Batteries Division – responsible for providing batteries that are designed to deliver reliable and consistent performance, even in extreme temperatures.
  5. Customer Service Division – responsible for providing exceptional customer service and expert advice, ensuring that customers find the right products for their needs and are satisfied with their overall experience.
  6. Sales and Marketing Division – responsible for promoting the company’s products and services and ensuring that they are reaching the target market effectively.
  7. Logistics and Operations Division – responsible for managing the storage, transportation, and distribution of products to customers, ensuring that they are delivered on time and in good condition.